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賭け方タイプ 呼び名   内容説明
Money line Match up
Head to head

This is a bet that a particular player or team will win. If a draw option is not offered then these are shown as “HC” in the Live Arb display.

Three options are offered when one of the options is a draw or tie; these are shown as “ML” in the Live Arb display.
Game totals Totals
Game line
Over / under
Split goal line
Goal Line
This is a bet on the total points or goals scored in a game.
You bet on the total being either over an amount or under an amount. For sports where points or goals do not apply other values are used, e.g. total frames in a snooker match or total rounds in a boxing match. These are shown as “OU” in the Live Arb display together with the number of goals, points etc., e.g. “OU 2.5”.

Handicap Point spread
Run line
Asian handicap
Puck line (PK)
Half ball handicaps
Draw No Bet (DNB)
Split handicaps
2-way handicap
3-way handicap
This is a bet that a particular team will win with a handicap applied. Favourites have a negative (minus) handicap; outsiders have a positive (plus) handicap.

Full ball handicaps mean that the result, after handicapping may result in a draw – in this instance the bets are refunded. Half ball handicaps (e.g. -0.5, +1.5) mean a draw is not possible.

Split handicaps have two handicaps on each side, e.g. +0.5, +1.0. The bet is divided in two and half is used for the first handicap and the other half on the second handicap.

These are shown as “HC” in the Live Arb display together with the handicap amount, e.g. “HC 0.5”.

3 Ball Threesome
Three ball This is a special case of a 3-way money line where the draw option is replaced by a third team or player. This type of bet normally occurs in golf, horse matchups and elections.

These are shown as “3B” in the Live Arb display.

Back/Lay B/L These are arbs where you bet (back) an outcome at a bookie and lay (betting not to win) the same outcome at a betting exchange. These arbs are denoted by “B” after the bet type (e.g. “MLB” for a standard money line back/lay) in the Live Arbs display. To see these arbs you will need to set your Standard Back Amount in “My Preferences” and set Back/Lay in “My Filters”.

NOTE: We include bet/lays on BetFair, BetDaq and SMarkets exchanges.

Mixed Cross Market

These are arbs that use a combination of different bet types and make a positive return whichever bet wins just like a normal arb. These are shown in Live Arbs display with an arb type that depicts the different bet types. Example mixed arbs we cover include:

– H(-0.5):X:A
– H(+1):H(+1.5):A(-1.25)
– H(0):A(+0.25):A(-0.5)
– H(-0.5):H(+0.25):A(0)
– H(-1.5):H:A(+1)
– U(2.5):U(3.5):O(3)
– O(3.5):O(2.5):U(3)
– U(1.5):U(2):O(1.75)

We have 127 different variations of mixed arbs.